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Full Version: Zee Earth VirgoGB145BS
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I am buying, i'll most likely not buy unless its a decent offer.

I am trying to obtain the earthvirgo g ravitybowl145 ball sharp<---i think

I think its from sonokong starter. Im not buying grand ketos vol4 cuz im not a gambler... Tongue_out

If it's in ontario and close to wear i live, ill just go and pick it up.

(if u got takara stadium i'll buy, no extremes)
It's pretty close to it's release, so I suppose you could just wait.
really, by hasbro or takaratomy/sonokong or whatever?

What's the date. And hopefully, ill run into some in daegor's tournaent if they got 1.
Forc Canada, probably the holidays, for the US, probably next month or the holidays.
Hasbro releasing Earth Virgo?
Of course. I don't know why you would ask. There's even a pic by To somewhere in the Metal Fusion [HOBBY] topic
Yea, Hasbro is. But we still don't know when..
^He could have missed he pic you know.
I know, I was informing him of the picture :3
Ohhh never knew that.
And I asked cause I searched before and didn't see anything about it.
That's so wierd tho.. Beyblade metal fusion hasen't even reached to the episode where they show flame libra..

But still.. they released it, following earth eagle and rock orso.. Earth virgo is like 10 episodes past where they show flame libra.. so every1 is gonna be like, WTH, wat bey is this...

I am excited tho, but chrismas is WAY TOO LONG... Tho, it can be my christmas present xD But if some1 has it in takara/sonokong version.. ill buy, if u're going to daegor's tourney, ,i might buyy it from u there
If you guyz didn't know.. toywiz is selling BURN FIREBLAZE (burn phoenix) Poison serpent <-- suck, thermal pisces <-- ok

Rock scorpio (escolpio, owner is evil guy who picks on kids) Not sure about anything else.
picture of earth irgo (what page)