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Full Version: The Royal BeyPit [London, UK 6/11/10]- St James's Park
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][Image: 163.jpg]

Hey Guys Moss here as you may already know there will be no WBO events in October *sadface*
but never fear moss is here to quench you beyblade thirst.

This Tourney will take place in the Heart of london only a few feet away from Buckingham palace. Yes I'm refering to St James's park were we hosted Rule Beytania in August


The Format will be Block Round Robin as always


We will meet at the blue Bridge at 12.00 once everyone has arrived we'll walk down to the meeting point at about 1:00. The tourney Will most likely last until 3.30

Where its all going down

The meeting point will be just up and to the left of the blue bridge AKA point 4 on the St. James’s park map:

Check out the Journey planner

We reccomend getting off at St james's park station and walking down to the meeting point as it is closest to the Event.

Regular entry is £3 and free with a Blader Passport which is available to purchase at the event for £6

Banned parts
Standard WBO rules apply, no worn parts, no Libra wheel, your parts will be checked if they're behaving in an unconventional way.

Selling If you are selling at this event please post here

  • Moss Judge
  • LeeDraciel Judge
  • Linh Judge

  • Pegasisblader + friend
  • RevertedToZero
  • Vamp69
  • Blitz Judge
  • madmuppet98
  • flymewmincrew
  • rentao
  • Manic Ben
  • Brazman Judge
    with 3 friends
  • Legend Kai
  • storm_hydra08
  • sharpblade360
  • Phantom_Blader
  • Numba1Ginga
  • Gingka Desciple
  • Unusual bob
  • DarkLeoneH145
  • Pega King
  • Pegakid
  • Beyblade247
  • Lightning Pegas
  • Akatsuki Judge
  • Zero
  • jjsonickid
  • Team Taurus
  • Rashamon
  • Aron101
  • Rockybuu
  • Moonseye1

Confirmed Attendees : 33

Free battle Attendees
  • Kid Tala {maybe}

Anyone bringing stadiums Pm me as soon as possible

  • Bringing stadiums
  • Linh Balance
  • LeeDraciel = Attack Stadium
  • Brazman = Attack stadium
  • flymewmincrew= balance and stamina
  • Akatsuki = Standard stadium
  • Blitz = Balance Stadium
i can make it!
Ive added you to the list dude.
I'll try to come, but don't expect me to be buyling things seeing as i'll be quite skint after the expo.
Added you to the list , hah
I'll be coming and probably buying more than selling.
Updated doods sorry for the hecka long reply.
Hey people- I'm new to all this but, Whats the age limits?
I hope anyone can enter cuz Im 14.
And where is st.James park?
There is no age limit on the World Beyblade Organization.
(Oct. 21, 2010  7:58 PM)flame573 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey people- I'm ne
w to all this but, Whats the age limits?
I hope anyone can enter cuz Im 14.
And where is st.James park?

Im 14 too anyone can Going btw St james's park is in london
God I gotta love your avatar's Moss. I will have some more stuff to sell; will post closer to the date too.
Takara tomys and Hasbros.
I am new and not so good at this but what is the minimum
amount of money we should bring. Also can I sale my games
up there PLZ reply
I'm 10 so yeah can I participate
Any amount is fine Im going to be selling some raraes so the max should be about £35-40 can I put you down as coming then?
Moss what rares are you going to be selling exactly? I'm very interested in Takara Tomy MFB's, I went crazy with my debit card but luckily it was all earned money.

Selling :
TT Standard Stadium (Balance as well as stamina stadium!)
Beylauncher L (Meteo L-drago ver.) - This won't be wanted so much in the UK compared to the US
2 x Launcher Rubbers (goes where suspension goes) Red & White colours.
Orange Metal Faces, remodelling ver.
Gravity Perseus (maybe)
Meteo L-drago (lesser maybe)
Other stuff I have, can't remember.

Buying :
Attack Stadium (Yah I know but theres a chance)
Earth Virgo
Collectables / Rares
im coming would any one be selling metal faces and launcher suspension
I might be able to get my hands on some depends really.
Most people prefer launcher rubbers to suspension, I may try and Ebay one for you. I will be bringing the Remodelling orange metal faces if you want to buy them.

Would anyone be interested in some special clear faces? Collectable ones : red one with WBBA on it, red pegasus symbol, and one with blue pegasus symbol. Quick replies so I can order them before the event since the shipping will take time.
If anyone has TT Stadiums for sale or to bring for the free battles PM me
how much would you be selling the launcher rubber
PM him instead of asking here.
Make a reasonable offer please.

Also is anyone interested in a super attack stadium / stadium stadium (balance includes both stamina and balance sides)

of course pm.

EDIT : Will be sold for about £30 each
ONE standard stadium has been ordered for the meet up. JUST ONE!
Moss himself is interested so it may result in bidding on it. But more than likely no one will bring more than £30 unless fanatic for a TT stadium.
A/W £40 - If no one else bids Moss just gets it.
Oh surprised Moss will be going off WBO until the event.
can you bring hasbro staduims i could bring 2

super vortex
pegasis thunder whip
Any stadium will be cool its not a tourney.
i wont bring my ptw its too amazing to take out
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