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Full Version: Preparing for the NY Tournament
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Basically, I'm looking for the following bey for the upcoming NY tournament. I need them by the 16th so I'll be willing to pay for super, extra fast shipping.

Metal Face x2 (I think the pack comes with two. I could be wrong)
Lightning L Drago
Aquario x2
Earth Virgo
Earth Aquila
Burn Phoenix

I'll even buy them if they are used so long as there isn't anything wrong with them/they are in perfect working condition.
Are you looking for a Pre HWS Aquario 105F.
Yes. Two of them if possible.
Ive only got one Shippings going to be Killer though.
I'll wait some more to see if anyone has more of the things on my list. It'd be best for me to get more beyblades from one seller since the shipping is going to destroy me.