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Full Version: Lightly used Tornado Balance Stadium for sale (not eBay) International shipping!
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I am now selling one of my extremely rare Tornado Balance stadiums. This is the most Balanced stadium created and also very hard to find. It is lightly used as you will see in the pictures. It's a great opportunity for any UK/EU members as the shipping will be extremely reasonable via Royal mail (PM me for a quote ) Not forgetting anywhere else in the world as there are no YJA fees to contend with. As this Item is quite rare, useful and the postage will be great I only want reasonable offers (£10 is not reasonable) Please PM me any offers.

As usual, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

have you the package of Dark Effigy MS too?
No, I have the case that comes with it though if you want that.

I should also add that for WBO users I will throw in a launcher as well.
The case would be nice thanks for reply.
Great, PM me if you win and I can sort it out.
How much would be air mail air mail registered to Germany? Can you please PM me the prices?
The listings say you only post to the UK. Can you send stuff to Australia as well ?
I actually have the same question, are you willing to send them to HK?
Tornado Balance now for sale - read OP for details.
Darn it! Do you have another one or anything else?
The object isn't arrived yet!!!
It's been a month or so.
I want that the situation is resolved!
why dont reply to my pm?Angry
Lots of people on ebay, including me, never received what they bought from him. The ones who did received used items iirc, and his ebay account has now been closed. I doubt you will receive your stadium.
Seriously? Benkei is a pretty long time member on here ... It's surprisingly, at least.
This would indeed be quite surprising ... You could all file a Paypal complaint, no ?
Yeah I had to open 3 disputes after messaging him and receiving no response. After opening the disputes, within the 10 day period, he still didn't respond and so paypal refunded me the money.
Damn. At least, you can get your money back, which is better than losing it too.
How can I get my money back?
I've spend 40$(a lot of money for me).
Please anyone helps me
Paypal refund?
How can I get it?
But I want the stadium If he have it he must send me it!!!
I've payed for itAngry
To get the refund, if you used paypal, go to the resolution center. As for the item, he might just have of kept your money and not sent it?
Yes,the item isn't sent.
I've a contoversy on paypal...

When I get my money?
Just keep filing disputes, and they should refund you fairly promptly.
when was benkei last on he may not have read yr PM
Why did you revive this? He said he had been ignoring his pm's also...
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