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Full Version: buying a few beyblades
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hey guys, I'm looking to buy a few beyblades, must be takara or hasbro, NIB, NIP or in very little used condition, I'm in Australia but I don't mind waiting for shipping from other countries. I'm currently looking for:

Dark Driger
Dark Dragoon
Dark Dranzer
Dark Draciel
Metal/Knight Driger (Takara)
Dragoon V
Flash Leopard 2
Burning Kerberous

If you have any of these, send me an offer (including shipping) by posting here or PMing me, and if possible, some photos please. I pay by paypal. Thanks a lot guys.
i'm in australia and I have a wolborg MS, if that's what you want.
hmm, whats the condition of it? and do you have a launcher too?
I have a launcher and ripcord yes. It's still very new:
hmm looks good, you got stickers too?
Grin I have a Wolborg MS too. $30 delivered to Aus. =P
Wolborg MS (used) Top Bottom (That is not a crack in the bottom, it's due to the design)
Still great condition with launcher and ripcord.

Sorry momiji, just that I really want to sell it. Dx
hah I don't have stickers, so i guess he's yours blah. P:
haha cool, hmmm i looked at your store and you have a launcher + dranzer V2 that right?
Yeah, Dranzer v2 is the RC version though, but it still works ^^
i don't get it xD what's the difference?
Remote Control, LOL. You use the RC launcher to control the bey by pressing the buttons. =P But it still has the Dranzer V2 Attack Ring.
oh nevermind then xD hmmm haha sorry right now i'm trying to figure out how to get the package without my mum getting it first. i been getting a lot of stuff lately and she's probably gonna kick my carp if she figures out how much i been spending xD hmmm could you specifically make them deliver it on a thursday?
LOL I don't think I can do that. Australia Post is pretty random sometimes. Also you have Paypal yes ?
yeah I have paypal. alright then lets see how long does it take for shipping?
typically 10-14 business days.
For inside Australia only about one week ? (I live in Australia, LOL)
haha cool, where in Australia? PM me if u don't want to post xD
Melbourne Grin
awww dayum, hahaha i'm in sydney, guess we're gonna have to go with shipping then. Could you hold onto it until about 20th or 21st? cuz I have stuvac the week after xD
I'm not sure if I'll have it until then, they are on eBay and might get sold.
I guess it's first come first served. :L
haha alrighty, i'll PM you on the 20th, hopefully, you still have it =P. thanks for letting me know about all this Grin
Haha okay, no guarantees it'll still be there though. =P