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Full Version: What I'm looking for
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Hi. I'm the new guy lol. I'm looking for any Wolborg beyblade used or new as long as its in great shape. As well as a Galeon and most importantly a black dranzer! if anyone is looking to sell, please reply and let me know! much appreciated!

Please add a [Buying] prefix to your title :3
ok man. np
Yo Ryan. I have a Wolborg MS. PM me if interested. ^^
hey thanx! I will right now
I am rlly rlly looking for a black dranzer tho. its my dream beyblade so if anyone is sellin. Come to me right away Wink
I've got a galeon although you'll have too wait a few weeks for it. PM me if your interested.
Hey perfect. I'd need a few weeks too. I'll pm u later man Smile