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Full Version: Smash/Upper Attacker
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Alright, I'm usually an Attack-type blader, but lately, I find myself using a compact more. As effective as it is, I kinda miss a really good Smash or Upper Attacker. My current combos are as follows

AR: Eight Spiker
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Left SG
BB: SG Flat/SG Metal Flat 2

AR: Upper Dragoon/Triangle Wing
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Right SG/Left SG (Depends on AR)
BB: SG Flat/SG Metal Flat 2

I know they're solid combos, but I also know that there's room for improvement. I'll post a list of available parts when I get the chance to sort through everything, since it's a mess after BotB.
You could use Storm Grip Base, but I find that the more they are worn down, the harder it is to control them. Besides that they look pretty good.
For the second one, with SG Metal Flat 2 I'd use a heavier AR for upper attack. Wide Defense should work.