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Full Version: I am looking for sellers for Mercury Anubis, Bakushin Sasanow, and others
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i am looking to buy a mercury anubis, a bakushin sasnow, the black edition Burn Phoenix, and the Burn Phoenix with the Glyph Facebolt, Plz contact me soon on these i have been looking every where for these and i figured i could find the best prices here.

Plz allow me to make an offer if your set price is not satisfactory to my budget. Thank you for the help WBO
You should contact dimsum2u for most of those.

Also, black Burn Phoenix ? I do not remember. The "glyph" Face Burn Phoenix you mentioned is probably Burn Pisces ED145WF, which does not have much to do with Burn Phoenix in the end.
If you do find a seller for Mercury Anubis prices will generally start from $70 and can be drastically higher depending on the seller, and since not many members have one you may be waiting quite awhile for somebody to contact you.

Honestly you'll be better off using Yahoo Japan as you'll be able to purchase one for around 2,000 - 4,500 JPY.
ok cool thx i just cant figure out mail order japan Uncertain
(Sep. 30, 2010  11:50 PM)BakuPhoenix90RF Wrote: [ -> ]ok cool thx i just cant figure out mail order japan Uncertain

you can contact search 85xf on yahoo japan auctions and it will show you some anubus. just make sure to check its the full bey and the condition. if you use firefox, get the plugin for foxlingo or simply use google translate for the webpage to check the status of the auction. then contact riderproxy and she can pick up the item for you
can anyone tell me if there is a catch to this auction i found?
There's no catch it really is currently bidding at 1 JPY. Though there is still 2 days left, so the price may rise to around 800 - 1,400 JPY.

If you'd like to bid on anything but have trouble negotiating around MOJ an alternative is to use Rider Proxy she helped me purchase goods off of Yahoo Japan.