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Full Version: School mascot
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(Oct. 06, 2010  9:19 PM)Moss Wrote: [ -> ]I feather so Pegasis ?

Feather = Aquila Wink
(Oct. 24, 2010  7:05 PM)ScreamEagle Wrote: [ -> ]pretty much, at least its better than my cousins school mascot. there's is a zebra

The zebra is a pretty good mascot if your school has a pedigree for track. Even if that's not the case, it's still pretty amazing, haha.
A mustang haha.
It's alright I guess, sport orientated?
Wolverines, I hate my school's mascot. ><;'
Not a high school mascot but Bobcats. I don't like min either.
Well to quote an awesome movie,"WE ARE LIONS!"
We are the Common Ground Hawks
We used to be the Enviromentals 7 years ago
i go to a catholic school[im not catholic]and the school mascot is john paul 2
Lol I think my school mascot is mor specific...
The first high school I went to didn't have a mascot because it was an art school(no sports teams). However, in the high school I unfortunately had to transfer to, a Mustang. Not much of a fan of horses. I blame my cousin for that.
Tigers. nuff said.

Kubasaki Dragons.

Hell yea.
ours is a cerberous! FTW go cerberous/ KERBEX!!!!
My school doesn't have a mascot. Wish we did, that would be awesome.
yea ours is massive! it has like three ppl for the heads and four for the legs, and two for the middle!
Current = Bee (No beyblade connection there)

Highschool (since I am grade 8) is going to be a tiger. Woot! Go Driger!!!
My school has a knight so,Perseus!yay
(Nov. 09, 2010  4:07 AM)UltimateChimera Wrote: [ -> ]My school has a knight so,Perseus!yay
they should make a knight bey it would be so beast
(Nov. 07, 2010  11:00 AM)OkiBlaze Wrote: [ -> ]Kubasaki Dragons.

Hell yea.

Is this your school? http://www.dragonnet.kubasaki-hs.pac.dod...fault.aspx

Sory for double posting
haha you guys could be the L Drago people
when i was in high school, i went to 2 differnt schools.

Mesa Verde was a bull i think the Mavricks,

then Pleasant Grove was home of the Eagles.

the mavericks where so much better sounding.
(Nov. 07, 2010  11:00 AM)OkiBlaze Wrote: [ -> ]Kubasaki Dragons.

Hell yea.

l drago hell yeah?
(Nov. 09, 2010  4:07 AM)UltimateChimera Wrote: [ -> ]My school has a knight so,Perseus!yay

perseus is a roman gladiator..
sorry mytholgh nerd reflexes kick in
(Oct. 30, 2010  2:40 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Cougars = Courtney Cox ?


THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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