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Full Version: Anybody with Yo-yo's that would like to trade? or show off your yoyo
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well i dont want my MW2 so i can trade that. If you have the following (just take a pic)
YOyo with hubstacks
FHZ mod(silicone recess)
FHZ Hubstacks pm me or just show off your yoyo here
I own a recessed FHZ with throwdown rings so it can thumb grind (not for sale) . If I was you I would go for a YYF or Werrd throw, FHZs are great to start with (Second to Velocity) but after you've learnt the basics you're better off going for a higher class unresponsive yoyo.
yea but good modded FHZ's are pwnage. i just bought a DM and hubstacked FHZ. after that ima get a one drop Dingo
Got my big ben, bout to get a dark magic. And I got a pocket pros zombie.
I got
-Dark Magic II (YoyoJam)
-Legacy (YoyoJam)
-Plastic Grind Machine (Yoyofactory)
-Zombie (Pocket Pros)

So anyone wanna trade for Beyblades? I really don't play with them anymore.
Hey, I know that nobody had posted in this topic for a while, but I wanted to bring up something that some of you might find rather sad;

YoYoJam is going to close its doors by the end of the year. Why? Because its founder and owner, Dale Bell, has had some health issues over the last several years, and decided that he wanted to retire.
I completely forgot Yoyos even existed...
madness: Don't feel too bad about it, dude
Right now I use a Yomega Fireball. I'm into looping yo's so yea. I started out with a Duncan Limelight. Then I tried to use this other one that sucked. Now I have this one Grin Still practicing, though.
I happen to have a LimeLight as well. I also happen to have a Henrys Viper AXYS, too. Oh, and I asked for a Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 for Christmas this year.
I used to walk mine before I left the kewl kids club.

Though that was a decade ago. R.I.P yoyo
My No Jive arrived in the mail on Christmas Eve! It's the 1990s What's Next Mfg. version
i never knew this thread existed , and i love yoyo's.

my yoyo's are:
-magic yoyo p.lotor
-beboo yoyo l1
-duncan freehand pro
-other blazing teen yoyos