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Full Version: A new set of beyblades.
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Well id like to see improvement suggestions and ratings. Now labeled from #1 to #6 (1 is best)

AR: Master Dragoon
WD: 8-Heavy
SG: Normal-Right
BB: Dragoon S
BitBeast: Master-Dragoon
Name: Upper-Counter #5

AR: Driger G
WD: 8-Heavy
SG: Normal Left
BB: Draciel S
BitBeast: Draciel S
Name: Reverse Force Smash #4

AR: Rock Bison
WD: 10-Balance
SG: Right EG (Rock Bison with Circle Defence)
BB: Driger G
BitBeast: Rock Bison
Name: Rock Bison Fixed #6

Note that the first is a compact beyblade, second is upper-attack, third is force smash, and the last is more of a smash-attack type. Also note that Rock Bison F cant be edited much, i mainly just wanted rating on it (if u add to much or too little weight, the Circle Defence drops off more often, which is really annoying.)

If u wish to vote just say so, ill edit the votes right here, and if u wish to change your vote u can also do that

Upper-Counter: 0
Reverse Force Smash: 0
Rock Bison F: 0
Driger P: 0
Metal Hell: 1
Driger P2:

Views but no posts?...

Edit: yet another beyblade.

AR: Metal Driger
WD: 6-Heavy
SG: Neo-Right (MW)
BB: Driger S
BitBeast: Metal Driger
Name: Metal Hell #1

Edit: Another

AR: Driger S
WD: 10-Balance
SG: Trygle
BB: Trygle Top (Only the part that attaches to the top of the SG not the AR-type thing)
BitBeast: Driger S
Name: Driger Pounce #3

Edit: one of my friends combos, edited to my liking.

AR: Driger G
WD: 10-Balance (Original was 10-Heavy)
SG: Normal-Rght (His has the Driger F SG)
BB: SG Flat (Original was Driger F)
BitBeast: Driger G
Name: Driger Prowl2/P2 (He doesnt name his) #2
Why isnt any1 posting?.....or atleast Voting....
You haven't waited very long. :\ If someone has something to say they will post.
Oh i see, i thought it had been a day and like 12 hours, i hadnt relized it was 12:00 default time, and i was also wondering why i had 34 views (I know only like 10 were me) and yet n0 one had even voted. (Well maybe more then 10, but it was NOT 34)