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Full Version: Conventional
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No steal spins whatsoever, this config is practical for most beybattles.

AR: Master Dragoon
WD: Wide Defense
Spin: Right Magnacore
Base: Driger V2 + Dranzer V2 Support.

It's not fast but I used it and it's stable and could do some proper damage. Practical and conventional. Comment. Smile
If you wana speed it up then replace the magnet SG with a regular right SG.
I think I'd use Voltaic Ape's Defense Ring SP over Cross Survivor. I'm also not sure about the Wide Defense; the weight is on the outside and that is going to take away from the spin velocity. I think I'd use Ten Heavy ...

Overall, not bad, but I've never been a huge fan of Customize Metal Change. I've always found it was too sharp, but that may work to this combo's favour.
The purpose is to make it as heavy as possible so that's why I used Magnacore. Wide defense is to concentrate the gravitational strength to the base.
Then use a 10 heavy and voltic ape SP like brad said. If you have a Heavy metal core use that too.
Ok. Perhaps I'm often too reliant on Wide Defense. But I feel that Voltaic Ape should go by itself uncustomised.
Well what kind of combo are you trying to make? Defence?
Id recomend using Driger V2's SP if u want more weight.
But wide defense can pack the AR with no gap in between. This could provide a more stable attack and more endurance.
Driger V2 support part is heavy but does not provide much endurance like Dranzer V2 and furthermore, when it's hit, it may cause unstability.
If your going for attack like it sounds like from your post you should use a regular right spin gear. You generaly want an attack blade to be speedy and adding weight slows it down
U dont want a Attack blade too light or it wont be able to hit as hard.
I'm actually going for Balance. Some attack but able to go into endurance later on. I used it before for a long time, it's quite trustworthy,
Kiewzy Wrote:I'm actually going for Balance. Some attack but able to go into endurance later on.

Now i suggest the Driger S base (Launch it slightly tilted and it will start out on the attack.
If you where going for balence and wana use a Driger V2 base then use

AR: Driger S
WD:10 heavy
SG: Magnet (HMC if you have)
BB: Driger V2
SP: Voltic ape

Honestly the combo you have is desent. Im just trying to show you what would be an upgrade of it.
Well, Ten Heavy weighs more than Wide Defense and also keeps the weight in the center, which will assist the Upper Attack. Wide Defense is going to take away from the Upper. Granted, it will still work, but consider it as an option.

Defense Ring is the most compact SP available and will assist in retaining spin velocity more than Cross Survivor will, and won't interefere with the Upper as much. I don't know why you say Voltaic Ape should be left uncustomized; it's not really that good. Mostly good for his SP.
If you like this, I think you'll also like using it with DragoonV2 base, Wolborg SG, or with the base of Burning kerberos.