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Full Version: [Virginia,USA or DC [USA] Rise of Libra*Prefix
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hello everyone in VA,DC and MD
I will try to host a tournament this November before my 16TH BIRTHDAY WOOT!!! if you want to come just post here.
I will decide the Date, Time, and Address/Place
PM if you have some suggestions

Date:October 16 or 23
Time: 2:00pm
Prizes: TBA
Judges: Flame, (TBA), Hayabusa(me and maybe)
Location: Alexandria VA (10 min from DC) or D.C Tyson corner or Monument or TOYS R US BABY!!!
Holmes Run PKwy

People (Maybe)
Flame Aries

AGGGHGHGHGHG!!!!! 9PEOPLE time to make the propsal. Wish me luckSmile
Hm, assuming you really cannot use any other existing topic, you need to add a proper prefix in your thread's title.
oh sorry Kai-V. you still want me to prefix my old topic?
I believe I closed your old topic ... Just add a prefix to this one if you think you cannot use another thread that already exists.
kk thanks
You should add "USA" as well, since this is North America.
sorry im kinda new to this still lol
BTW i might be working at Toys r us so if we cant go to a park, we could always got at toysrus and do the tournament there
dude, i think that if you hold the tournament it might be fun i will help if i can but i hope that it's a free-for-all type tornament.XD
Wait what toys r us u work in?
the one in Alexandria
If you make a tourney in Alexandria I will definitely come because I am in falls church so put me down as Attending Grin
I might come
ok i have some parks that we can go to lol right next to my house, o i can bring free drinks and chips etc.
People (Maybe)
Flame Aries
I can also help Judge Hayabusa
(Sep. 20, 2010  9:10 PM)Flame Wrote: [ -> ]I can also help Judge Hayabusa

hmm ok that sounds good
I might be able to come
i might come, it depends when it is, as long at its not in the next two weeks, but you cant put it on hold for just one person so, maybe at earliest i say next week, but that might be too early.

lol i said but a lot
SWEET I'll show up at this one too, lemme know when, and where its going down at! I'm loving this tournament stuff already!
Well its up to the community. So find a date, i will see if i can host it, then we're good!!! oh also for prizes.
i dont have much so i will probably put in 20 usd. if you donate at least 1 dollar, i can get some awesome prizes so its up to you.
You decide :prizes, date and thats it!!!!
We can probably have it on the 16th or 23rd of October and Call it 'Halloween Bladers.' Lol and as for the prizes I am willing to go shop for the prizes as long as theres a budget.
Uh budget..... idk just come up with something lol
ALSO PLZ IF YOUR GOING TO WASHINGTON TOUNEY. can you let me borrow your launcher grip for the tourny PLZ!!! thankyou
I'm going but me and my friend are sharing the launcher grip sorry Unhappy
kk. thanks anyway
hey me and kayla10 are having a tournament down in Amherst/Appomattix
can you come and help out?
i am going to the washington dc one. i might be able to let you use my launcher grip but it depends if i am going to use it
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