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Full Version: hey guys anyone wana battle? [BritishColumbia ,Surrey, Canada]
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[BritishColumbia ,Surrey, Canada] hey guys anyone wana battle?
The prefix should be "[Surrey, British Columbia, Canada]" ...
oh thanks by the way is there gona be any tournaments or competition in vancouver B.C ?
Can you change the prefix in the title ? Also, a prefix goes in front of something by definition, not at the end or in the middle.

It depends if somebody decides to host a tournament there.
(Sep. 11, 2010  7:41 PM)DarkRyko Wrote: [ -> ]is their anyone in "[Surrey, British Columbia, Canada]" that wants to battle?
I think what Kai-V Is trying to tell you is to make your thread title like this:

[BritishColumbia ,Surrey, Canada] hey guys anyone wana battle?
(Sep. 11, 2010  7:41 PM)DarkRyko Wrote: [ -> ][BritishColumbia ,Surrey, Canada] hey guys anyone wana battle?
Change the title of the thread, not post again.

It's not a difficult concept.
DarkRyko, you use Full Edit in your first post to change the title. You can be a kid and understand that.