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Full Version: My Beyblade
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Oh, thats why... i only have hasbro beyblades.
GotrutoTheCustimizer Wrote:What? its illegal if it BROKE?... then why didnt they just have it so its unremovable somehow?... and 30 stats? is that even POSSIBLE? did u have double weight disk or something? because i doubt if ANY beyblade part's stats go past 9 total....

If you mean the attack ring, it's not unremovable because that way, you can swap between other attack rings with subrings. However, NOT using a subring is not allowed.

Above 30 is easy with V2 generation and above, because of support parts etc.etc.

That's one good reason to show that stats arn't accurate. The addition of wings on the base might not necessarily increase your attack by much, but stats wise, your attack jumps by two points.

GotrutoTheCustimizer Wrote:You mean the Wall thing? if u line up a blunt edged attack ring (The edges are wide) and a big Weight Disk, it acts like a wall, meaning the enemy will always hit it and it is alined perfectly.

PS: carp i lost my Strata Sub-Ring.... i think i gave it to my friend....

Hmm if you like it, then you should try this

AR: Galman
WD: Wide Defence (or 10-wide, since you probably don't have wide defence
SG: Wolborg
BB: Dragoon V2
SP: Dranzer V2
Crant i dont have any of those pieces except the SP
Then tell us what blades/parts you have and then we'll build you a combo.
dark effigy ms ar
circle wide or thunder serpents ring
dragoon ms rc
this is good sometimes
Fine, ill post a long list i guess
Draciel S,Draciel F,Dranzer F,Dragoon S,Trypio (No AR),Dragoon G,Dranzer G,Dranzer V2,Dragoon V2 (AR only), Trygle, Rushing Boar,Galeon,Driger G,Strata Dragoon G,Orca Diver,Wing Attacker,Metal Driger,Rock Bison,Galzzy, Griffolyn,Seaborg 2, and Salamander.

Note:I do not want to use the Engine Gears
For an attack(smash) combination, you can use:
Trygle AR
10 wide WD
Dragoon S BB
Right SG (Magnacore?)

For defense, use:
Galleon AR and Subring
10 wide or wide defense WD
Draciel S BB(4 metal balls if they fit, cant remember)
Magnacore SG or HMC if you have it

I dont know about endurance, tho.(BTW, you really need a driger s)
yah, i just bought a Driger S, but it was off Ebay so i have to waait for it, anyways i dont have the sub-ring for broke. and i bought the Draciel S off of some1 else so i didnt get its balls. maybe i shoulda mentioned that.
GotrutoTheCustimizer Wrote:yah, i just bought a Driger S, but it was off Ebay so i have to waait for it, anyways i dont have the sub-ring for broke. and i bought the Draciel S off of some1 else so i didnt get its balls. maybe i shoulda mentioned that.

God, it wasnt me was it? Cuz I sold one without the balls awhile ago.

Instead of gallean AR use driger s AR when you get it. and for a balance combo use uncustomized driger s.
I really dont know what to do with the defense combo since you dont have the metal balls. You should probably just buy another draciel s or a draciel metal ball defenser (since it has some useful parts you dont have and has the metal balls.) You could also use wolborg 2 as a replacement if you get it, but you need to use it with its SG.
None of the stores in my city sell Beyblades, so i cant get TOO many....ill get Galman though, because it is supposedly really defensive.....and *cough* Ebay has it for $7 *cough*....but i cant find Wolborg 2 on Ebay, and truthfully, id rather not buy another Draciel because the BB sux with the kind of blade i want. (Ratio: ATK5/End6/DEF6, not using the stats on the box) Deefence isnt everything, the main point of the blades i want is like this: Attack,(The opponents defence knocks u back) Use youre Defence and attack combined to create a stronger counter-attack, repeat/repeat, repeat/repeat, repeat/repeat, survive long at the end because of your endurance, Win.

PS: did u have beyblades 7 years ago? lol....i got it 7 years ago
Galman isn't a worthwhile purchase, don't bother.

Also, what the hell did you just make up those Draciel stats?

Your posts are nonsense ... you don't really know what you're saying ...
i meant that was the ratio of the stats i WANTED for my blade, based on usage, not the box.

does any1 even read my post?....based on USAGE, AKA what other people who have tested it out and used it think.....
Oh, so is this like an out of ten rating?
well not the ratio really, the ratio pretty much said "I want pretty good Defence/Endurance and a lil less attack then them"
To have good endurance, you need to sacrifice defense in most cases, and vice versa. Wolborg 2's SG is the only part that will allow you to have both.
Really? i guess so.... since the main Defnsive/Endurance part is the base, and they cant really make one with the 2 being balanced.... unless u also add attack to balance it can manage them both with a little attack....

AR: Make it either be sharp (Attack) or blunt (Defence)
WD: Anything Really Heavy, so it boosts all stats
SG: If possible add MG
BB: Wing Attacker/Roller Defenser/Galeon or anything like those
BitBeast: Your fav

Outcome: Your BB makes your strategy depend on the enemy beyblade (Enemy is Attack or Attack/Endurance = You stay in the middle and then when u start hitting u have the upperhand becauseu have more Defence, Enemy Defence or Defence/Attack = you are about even, but most likely u will win because of your Endurance, Enemy Endurance or Endurance/Defence = you will most likely be out done here) The Metal SG boosts all stats by a little. Your WD does the same as the SG, and your attack ring determines whether u want more powerful attacks but it requires the enemy to help you a littl (Defence) or if u dont want to depend on the enemy and u just want to attack (attack). I would personally choose Defence, because attack blades just plain bore me. So this is the stats if u choose blunt (of course these are based on theoretical and expiremental possibilities) around ATK5: DEF8: END8, right spin, and if u choose Attack it would be around ATK7: DEF6: END6, but if u make it left spin (With it still being sharp) it would be around ATK9: DEF3: END8, because it will steal some of the enemies spin.
You need to be a little more concise with your descriptions. You don't need to make up arbitrary stats, just tell us how it works.

Also, what you just said was essentially, "Hey, use whatever the hell you want!"
Well thats because u can just use about w/e u want... besides the WD and BB, if u use a sharp, it increases your power and blunt increases your Defence. the blade base determines your strategy, which i have already explained in the previous post.Oh and the spin gear its because some of the BBs CANT use it, they require i screwed in SG
If i wanted a screw-in SG and attack power, I'd use a Grip Attacker BB.

I never use sharp-tips because it is hard to keep its balance once hit. If I wanted endurance I would use a bearing-type.

For defense, I would just normally use as much weight as possible so it wouldn't get knocked around a lot.
Well, actually they are round, so they can be used for DEF or ATK, depending on the enemies blade, it circles around the middle.
GotrutoTheCustimizer Wrote:Well, actually they are round, so they can be used for DEF or ATK, depending on the enemies blade, it circles around the middle.
wtf are you talking about

Sharp tips are used mainly for endurance and usually have not so great balance. They suck for defense (they're usually light weight and the tip has little friction, so it's easy to knock around) and have no attacking potential since they don't move around, besides they'd recoil like carp if paired with a smash attack AR.

I think you need to lurk a bit more around the Beywiki Main site and the forums before posting about stuff you don't seem to have much knowledge on. Btw, stop mentioning the stats, we've told you it's carp.
Read this and try to make a beyblade like that.
It should beat most of your combos. Youll have a very usefull beyblade.
Round is different then sharp you know...
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