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Full Version: Smash/OHKO
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again I don't remember the part names so if someone can help me out with that thanks

AR:magical ape ( I think its called its small round a blue)
WD:CWD Samurai changer (upside down)
RCEeeinstien ms

basicly the idea of this was smash attack with the cwd of samurai changer
I needed a rc tall enough to make this work. the ar could have realy been anything considering the cwd is doing the attacking so I chose that for higher rpm.

from testing it it had a lot of ohko. overall though it pleased me did beter than I thought.
Depends on the stadium used I guess, but keep in mind OHKOs are a hit or miss.
I know i dont intend to use it seriously. I was just messing around and testing this i got beter results than i expected