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Full Version: CSI: Miami - Season 9
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If any one here watches the show, does anyone know who the one unlucky cast member of the show will be killed off? Knowing CSI:Miami, dont think it will just be from the poison gas in the lab from the end of Season 8. It could be a diffeent situation so consider all characters on the show subject to getting killed off.

If you dont know, please post your opinion. For me, i think one of these 4 characters will go down

You could have just asked a mod to move it instead of making another one.
true, but from what i have seen, all they do is close the thread. i would have had to just make another one later anyway. i am just speeding up the inevitable. thanks for your help Moss.

lets get back to the thread. comments anyone?

come on. someone has to watch CSI Miami? work with me here people!