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Full Version: Beyblast98's Wants and Haves
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Lightning L Drago
F Libra
Gravity Perseus
Libra (with Libra Wheel)
Burn Phoenix
Storm Capricorn
Rock Aries
Dark Gasher
Earth Eagle
Thermal Pisces
Flame Sagittario
You want a Flame Sagittario? I'll trade you for your Earth Eagle, PM if interested.
Stickers are worn however I will also need some pics
I have a Flame Libra NIB and can trade for an Earth Eagle (If you have another one). PM me if you're interested.
I have a NIB Takara Flame Sag.

PM me if you're interested.
: sorry, but I'm not sure if I want to trade something like Earth Eagle for something I can pick up at my local Target for $7.99. It comes with a String Launcher and a Launcher Grip.
: I may or may not do that trade. It depends on if I see a Flame Libra at my local Target, so you may not get PM for about a week.
How would you pay for this? just curious because i have a Ldrago from the SVS
Do you have the ed145 part with aries?
I'm surprised no one has commented on the lack of a proper prefix yet.
(Sep. 07, 2010  3:02 PM)Daegor42 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm surprised no one has commented on the lack of a proper prefix yet.
I think there was one at the beginning actually. This issue is slightly annoying, but uncontrollable ...

Also, mchlbant did mention it.
Fixed prefix.
Hm...if you can easily get these ... why buy online?
I'm assuming the Dark Gasher is not in the box, so...

Does it's Spin Track work properly?
(Sep. 11, 2010  1:57 AM)Pyro Wrote: [ -> ]Hm...if you can easily get these ... why buy online?

My stores don't have Earth Eagle and I want him really badly. Probably due to my lack of patience with these beys.
I have revised post. Added a few wants as well as a Bey that I just got.
Mind answering my question?
CH120 works fine.
He's asking if it goes from 145-120 when in battle.
Yes, it can do that.
it's not a good trait.
It only does that if Face isn't tight enough.
bump. added some new beys.