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Full Version: [Toronto, Canada, 9/4/2010] Project Beyhem.
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Don't worry I was using that one just for free plays, but yeah check the launchers and stadiums as well.
(Aug. 31, 2010  11:46 PM)FlameDragon25 Wrote: [ -> ]Actually on the day of the tournament I was planning on telling the judges that before the matches start, to check out the beys of both players to see if any parts are worn out or modded. Good to see that someone pointed it out beforehand.

Being one of the older players the kid asked me to help him customize and was showing me his parts poor kid only had a Sharp and I think Wide Ball to work with then the other 2 parts were scrap.
I'm in 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999% so put me as atendee
(the 0. however many zeros 1% is just the unpredictable like i break my arm..... knock on wood)
Sorry guys have fun, Take me off Possibles please. ^^
Bey_reaper, which list, possible, or attendee?
Put me on attending! *I know your not talking to me!)
(Aug. 31, 2010  11:10 PM)Pockyx3 Wrote: [ -> ]shorty559, would this be possible, or attendee?
This is directed at all of you who "said sign me up", just to make sure.
lol sorry about that put me as atendee
Question: I went to YouTube and saw that people have the beypoint thing. I wanted to ask if there is a way without buying online. Do I like get in my first tournament or somthin??
You dont need a beypointer.
K thanks
Put me on the possible attendees list, hope it wont be full. I might come since It'll be my first tournament and I finally can go to one, but I might not go cuz I'm gonna chill with my friends and maybe buy more Beys.

The prizes are okay if theres no Earth Eagle Grin
I might not be abled to go if lot of people are going to go, cuz it will take to long Grin

How are we going to settle the tournament? cuz we need 2,4,8,16,32. It'll be much easier, round 1, round 2, quarter finals, semis, finals. What if we don't have those numbers of people?
another question, this might be my first tournament, but dont put me on the list yet. if i do come will i have to do something special like register or somthin? because if i come, it will my first time
other then memorize a number and pay no.
sign me up under possible please!
You register here....
And that's it really
please put me under possible PLEASE!!!!
Don't post it twice.
yes i can come 100%
Im Coming for sure now , Sign me up PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be there for sure 100%
i will be there there for sure 100%
sign me up PPLEEaaasee THaank yoou
Everybody, stop SPAMming.
There will be 75% perchance I might be there.
ill maybe be threre
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