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Full Version: Beyblade: Metal Fusion Video Games news!
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The Beyblade Metal Fusion DS game Collector's Edition will have three releases in North America:

Toys 'R' Us' version will include Cyber Pegasis 100HF and a Metal Face.
Wal-mart's will have Bakushin Susanow 105F and a Metal Face.
Other retailers' will come with Counter Leone D125B and a Metal Face.

This game and its editions will come out around mid-November. Toys 'R' Us already has a pre-order on their version.


As for Europe, it appears that the releases will be more similar to Japan's: although not confirmed entirely, reports of press releases have been stating that the Wii Beyblade: Metal Fusion game, "Battle Fortress", will include Counter Leone D125B, and the DS game, Cyber Pegasis 100HF. Metal Faces will also be packaged with those games.

Moreover, Beyblade: Metal Fusion is now available in the United Kingdom and in Germany! Check the "Stores with Beyblades in stock" topic to learn where you can purchase the new toys.