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Full Version: Heavy Metal Launcher grip
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you know? the handle that metal fight has now? that tyson, kai, ray, max, etc used to use before metal fight took over?

I only deal through paypal. so please let me know if any of you have a heavymetal launcher grip that you're willing to sell to go with my heavy metal driger beyblade.

Must be takara not hasbro! Thanks!


I got one. It won't be cheap though cause they're hard to find.
you have a pic of it? also i know that but since its used the value should go down. Plus the new ones go for around 8-10 bucks but they're sold out... =(


whats your price? I think i need to see it before i decide to buy it.
If you're talking about playoma they drop their prices drastically after they're sold out.
HMS Custom Grip has no hasbro release I think... I got one but I don't sell-it too hard to find on the market...
(Aug. 26, 2010  1:41 PM)ss4chris Wrote: [ -> ]you have a pic of it? also i know that but since its used the value should go down. Plus the new ones go for around 8-10 bucks but they're sold out... =(


whats your price? I think i need to see it before i decide to buy it.

They don't go for anywhere near that low these days. That price is from years ago. The price will be at least $30. They're very hard to find now.
The news ones go for around that, he said. Speechless
ok well instead of commenting and sold out and prices does anyone have any HMS launcher grips for sale? Try to stay on topic please from the first post.

so megablader do you have one and if so can i have a pic of it and a price? like i said it maybe hard to find but if its used the value should go down. so reply or wahtver...
Not by much. It's barely used at all. PM ne if you want a price.
Why would I need to pm you for a price? Just show the price here so that way I can get opinions from others if the prices is just right right I'm getting ripped or you're charging too low.

I asked for a pic. I'm not just going to take your word for it that its been hardly used. If you don't know how to upload a pic on a thread then use a camera of some sort, upload it to photobuket or another provider, get the link and copy and paste it onto your next post if you decide to. If you can't do that then don't waste my time if you're not going to how what ill be paying for. Wink
Pffft, don't be so rude. Even if it is used, value will still be pretty high because it is still pretty hard to find. I suggest that you find out how much you think you should pay and then send him a PM, you can ask for prices in the Purcahse Consultation thread.
I don't think megablader2 is a moron, he would obviously understand that you wanted a picture. Also, this is the rules of HIS selling thread.

Quote:am not selling any Metal fight beyblade/beyblade metal fusion so please do not ask for them.
I am not buying anything at the moment. Please don't try and sell me anything I was looking for a few months ago.
Don't spam
Pm me offers. Don't clog up the thread with them.
I am only selling what I have put up. Do not ask me if I am selling a blade that isn't in the Opening post. The answer will be no.
I will not tell you a price. You have to offer.
Don't be rude.
Wow. Sure is idiotic around here.

Hey! I want your rare, no longer manufactured launcher! Do my bidding!
... What do you mean you won't sell it to me.
I'm not being rude but firm and stern. As a buyer, I have wants and rights to state them and have them done.

Got news for you: this my thread not his. I requested a launcher grip on my thread not his. Rules are a little different buddy.
The rules still apply here, he is still the seller and you are still the buyer, buddy.
Also, there aren't exactly "rights" here as it is a market place, not an official store you can complain about. There is courtesy however, and I am sure you wouldn't talk like that to any sales worker.

Megablader2 also happens to be a well established member of the site, so he's also very trustable.

A simple "could you post some pictures please" would have sufficed.

Most people also prefer to keep negotiations private, and you are free to ask in the purchase consultation thread whether you think the price is worth it.
I'll get you some pics. Amazingly enough I have other things to at the moment so you'll have to wait. It's also customary to talk about prices by PM. I've never seen a thread that doesn't do this in my time here. If you really think my price is too high then fine but you're not gonna find one for under $30. You have to except that it's rare and they do cost a lot. There aren't many people selling one.
Ok I understand. Please show some pics. Ill ask you for price on pm.
I ve asked since the beginning of this thread and he never showed. After awhile you just get irritated.

In a buy/ seller relationship its a 2 way street. Never 1 way.

He maybe be well known and trusted but and I maybe new to this site but not new to this overall concept. The buyer has a say to not just the seller. And since I didn't go on his thread but made a thread of my own which apllised to anyone not just him its not his rules.

I need people to lay their cards on the table. I don't mean to be rude but. In a business you show what you have. You just don't talk.

As far as showing prices on here I wnated people to see if his price is reasonable or not. I didn't know about the consulation thread but I do now. =)
I thought it'd be obvious that he'd eventually show you some pictures. Maybe you've had a negative experience?
I'll take a pic tonight if you want and send you them.
thank you so much! I pmed you asking for a price.