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Full Version: stadiums poll (HASBRO ONLY)
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Best hasbro stadium is the mobile one from mfb
While I think it was not the smartest thing to bump a ten year old post with a one word sentence, maybe we can use it to discuss the new stadium releases now?

I kind of like the dual deck stadium, expecially after so many mock versions of a similar stadium.
(Apr. 11, 2018  9:59 PM)Yee Wrote: [ -> ]
(Oct. 03, 2010  11:43 PM)SaveThisHero Wrote: [ -> ]EARTHQUAKE ARENA!!!! =D it has a deeper bowl in the middle of the stadium. works decently for all types of blades

Do not make one word posts or revive threads unnecessarily.
Warned. (though I am not a moderator)
My favorite hasbro stadium us legend spriggan s3 7 glaive nothing
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