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Full Version: Bumpking (the most useless beyblade ever gets an article before Quetzalcoatl)
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1 Attack Ring (AR): Upper Force Ring
2 Weight Disk (WD): Wide
3 Blade Base (BB): Flat
5 Gallery
6 Overall

Attack Ring (AR): Upper Force Ring

Weight: 4 grams

This Attack Ring has three triangle shaped wings that would be used for smash attack in left spin. However, due to first generation limitations, this attack ring may only be used in right spin. In this spin direction the large flat projections cause insane amounts of recoil, while providing minimal attack, essentially nullifying any potential use it could have had. Useless and fragile, this is perhaps the worst attack ring ever created.

Weight Disk (WD): Wide

See Wide Weight Disks

Blade Base (BB): Flat

Weight: 7 grams

The predecessor to SG Flat, this Blade Base was designed for attacking purposes. Useless even at the time of its release, this part is outclassed and serves no use. It should not even be considered for usage. One should only desire to own this part for collection purposes


This Beyblade is composed of completely useless and outclassed parts. A continual source of jokes within the Beyblade community, there is absolutely no reason to desire one outside of collection purposes.

EDIT: There isn't much to be said for the most useless beyblade ever.
great article mc frown. if I looked up this bey without knowing what it was, this would give me all the info that I would need.
Might be nice to explain why it's useless in right spin. And why the BB is bad, and compared to what.
I'll expound :V
Yeah, that's pretty much all that needs to be said LOL

You could also mention the fragility of the AR/ wings of the AR and that they are very prone to breaking. And I'd just call them "wings" instead of protrusions.

Regarding the "Blade Base" section, you could just write "See Flat Base". The article for Flat Base still needs to be written anyway so whatever you wrote for that section could be used there.
And I did mention it was fragile.

Mine snapped in half, right through the middle.
And one of the wings broke off :V
haha =) nice article. i remember that everytime i used bumpking it got its butt handed to it by every blade i owned =) poor lil guy
Useless word in every part of the article except for the weight disk... Nice article.
Bit beast is cool though...

I'm actually writing a fanfic that bridges GEN1/2/3 with the new HWS system...
however my Plugged-in OCs start with plastic-style blades, and the main OC uses a green/orange defense custom he calls "Pumpwall" which is entirely inspired by: Bumpking, just more pratically deisgned

i'm myself eager to get me one, simply for bit-beast sakes, he ws cool, my thrid-fave bit beast, my fave can be seen in my avi, and draciel is in the no.2 slot

a mediocre yet informative article:
why mediocre - you mention it was first-gen...of course it's out classed Dragoon Storm outclassed it instantly from design alone, when we say 'old skewl beybladez' we say 'bumbking' and when we say 'good oldskewl beybladez' we say 'dragoon storm'

Man the Bakushin-oh, while a pathetic blade i agree, was awesome to me for giving me two holographic bit-stickers, one of which was entirely cute to me...
i guess i'll zip my lip now...
Hey you could get it for the box, use it as a fire starter or something. LOL
@Aw Heck
I'll sell you Bump Kings bitchip, PM me.
(Aug. 26, 2010  7:53 PM)Nojo294 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey you could get it for the box, use it as a fire starter or something. LOL
be sure to cut out the stats chart first, but this is true of any beyblade box

On topic:
I also liked Bumbking's orange coloartion it's very...halloweenish
i could see myself blading with it on halloween night lol!
How is that on topic? I'm quite sure the fact you can see yourself "blading with it on halloween night" isn't worthy of being on the beywiki.
(Aug. 27, 2010  3:15 PM)momiji manju Wrote: [ -> ]How is that on topic? I'm quite sure the fact you can see yourself "blading with it on halloween night" isn't worthy of being on the beywiki.
because: 1 - it references the blade 2- it gives it some useage
random comment is random...
"hey I have this beyblade" is a reference to the beyblade, yet is sitll completely irrelevant.

Being able to use it on halloween is not a usage, either.

Beywiki is for facts about the parts and customisation possibilities.

"Bumpking is made of completely outclassed parts, however Aw Heck thinks it would be cool to use on halloween, since it is orange, much like a pumpin." <- worth putting in an article?
"If nothing else, it has a halloween-like theme" is the way i'd have put myself...
but i've said my bit....
irrelevant to it's performance, collectability or value.
Does something need to be fixed on this?
Hah, you still diss my first bey. I see no problem with the article , and it is kinda useless, but every system has one of those. Nice Article! (Please leave poor BumpKing alone now...)
Bump King FTW (agian) lol. great artice, though using the word useless is a little repetative. try using "not good" or "inferior" in addition to "useless"
Considering the fact that it is useless why exactly use another word to describe it?
because repition is bad. the use of synonyms prevents repitition
Staple Blade Bases have their own articles.
Reusing useles is no problem here.
Mc Frown you can go ahead and post this if you'd like lol

There is some formatting issues and I want to re-word a few things, but it looks good.
After reading this, I feel bad i got beat by one back in my Driger F days...............oh man........nice article. I still want a Bumpking tho.
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