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Full Version: Capicorne
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hey guys im wanting to buy any version of capricorne like storm capricorne HWS capricorne dark capricorne etc... so if you have any version of a capricorne and willing to sell it please let me know thanks
Storm Capricorne: $25
you can buy it on ebay
Here's are some links to the cheapest ones you'll find:

Pre Hws Capricorne:

Hws Capricorne:

The prices include shipping.
Storm capricorne M145Q is the best beyblade since bumpking. You should get multiples.
i will get multiples and i know right it is the best bey.just cause you may not like it dosent mean its not a good bey like everyone says but i like it and one a couple of em and if you use the bankimg shoot it does alot of differnce
Are we talking about M145Q?
I can't really tell Internet Sarcasm.
dude just go to a walmart and buy it or something
(Aug. 15, 2010  4:25 PM)kool-kid9980 Wrote: [ -> ]Are we talking about M145Q?
I can't really tell Internet Sarcasm.

well not just m145q all versions of it but my post above yours was talking about m145q
...You are a great beyblader. Should probably refrain from giving advice on customisations, though.