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Full Version: [Toronto, ON, Canada] High park meet up, possible Tournament.
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try a park in vaughn also put me on the possible
If this does end up turning into a tournament, we'll need a name.
The ones that we though up are: Battle of the Blades, BeyAttack, Attack of the Blades, and Golden Gazebo Tournament.
If anyone can come up with a good name, please do.
Pyro, would that be attendees list?
Hah... Take the Beyt. Lunch Beyk. Kitchen Beykoff. Breyk It Down. Triple Beykconator.
(Aug. 11, 2010  4:18 AM)Daegor42 Wrote: [ -> ]Hah... Take the Beyt. Lunch Beyk. Kitchen Beykoff. Breyk It Down. Triple Beykconator.

Daegor feeling hungry?Tongue_out_wink
Not sure about Triple Beykconator though........had a bad experience with it last week....Confused
Put me on possible attendees.
Daegor I wouldn't mind some of that. Wink
Anyways, daegor do you know if I need 8 people in the attendees list, or combined?
(Aug. 11, 2010  7:11 PM)Pockyx3 Wrote: [ -> ]Anyways, daegor do you know if I need 8 people in the attendees list, or combined?

It should be fine if you're reletively certain 8 people will show up. 8 on the confirmed or 5 on the confirmed and 6 on the possible or something like that.

Also, new idea. Cash Rebeyt.
Sign me up, I'll be there
We're waiting on 2 more possible's or 1 more attendee, after that i'll propose this and hopefully it'll get accepted. ._.
i might go..... if it becomes a tourney so sign me upon poss. for now
put me down as a maybe

christie pits is nice enough, and is close to the subway. high park doesn't thrill me, but I have friends who live in that area who i'd go visit after a tournament, so i guess that has appeal. Trinity bellwoods is sweet, but not really close to the subway... It's roughly @ Queen/ossington, you get there on the queen streetcar. I like Dufferin grove because there are public washrooms, the grass is clean and usually not muddy, and there is an entire mall with food and 2 beyblade supplying stores. However, I can easily make it to any of these locations. You guys shouldn't complain so much, other people would kill to be able to participate in even one tournament, and will travel to great distances to do so. The fact that you are complaining about too many events, and an extra 10 minutes in transit is a little cruel to those who will never get to go.
I suppose it is a little cruel. I guess I should stop complaining about having too many tournaments. It really is nice to have the luxury of excess.

Another name idea: Breyk From Reality.
What about
Project Beyhem : Metal Fight Club
Right now I'm in Ontario,Canada so you can put me on the possible list.
(Aug. 11, 2010  10:38 PM)Minion Wrote: [ -> ]What about
Project Beyhem : Metal Fight Club

Great... just come right in with an awesome name and ruin all of my hard work. Hmph.

I like the name.
sorry for responding guys, my computer wasn't really working all of the sudden so I had to go to a library to use one. I'll try putting up the proposal now.

EDIT: It's up, just got to cross my fingers now. Wink

DOUBLE EDIT: Yes! It's (basically) approved!
where in high park? i might come!
so its official?
I might come
what about chingousy park
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