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Full Version: [Appomattox/Amherst, Virginia, USA]tournament
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me and kayla10 are gonna try to make a tournament. we need lots of people to compete so if you live near us PM ether kayla or me.
rules: no MF beyblades
yea and tay you spelled appomattox wrong
sorry i fix it
ok so far 2 people me and tay
The title is clear, but it would be better if you actually used brackets [].
ok tay you do that ok im busy?
there , brackets. you happy Kai-V?
anyone want to join we need a least 10 people 30 at the max!
(Aug. 09, 2010  9:29 PM)Relinquished Wrote: [ -> ]there , brackets. you happy Kai-V?
You must understand that it is just to uniformise all the topics, so everything is clean, and not a mess.
ok we understand kaiv
ok sorry
comeone people join the tourment!
i know someone named ronald who might wanna join
you guys could use the map and find people near you and pm them to see if they want to join. just a suggestion.
yeah we no
i sent a PM to Samshio and Wing_Zero but theyre offline.
I got your message, where would it be and the date because that all depends if I can come. Plus I still don't have a Metal Fusion blade lol
so any else we need about 10 to 30 people please join!
i said in first post that there no Metal Fusion Beyblades
(Aug. 11, 2010  1:13 AM)Relinquished Wrote: [ -> ]i said in first post that there no Metal Fusion Beyblades
Why ? Metal Fight Beyblade is the future, and the present. You cannot expect people to have easy access to the past.
she dont have none..
were gonna try to have the tournament at 1:oopm at the walmart in Madison Heights, VA
You're going to try to do everything so far =/ At least get something set in stone..

I'm in VA as well, so I guess you can put me down as a maybe. But no MFB is an extreme turn-off. Besides the fact that anyone could lend her one, she can walk into any Wal-Mart and pick one up for $8..

EDIT: What stadiums will you be using?
yea she may allow it...
i think she may what for post
we dobt have a stadmin were using board game boxes
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