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Full Version: Im Relinquished!
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okill be ready!
wat beyblades do you have?
who, me or kayla?
kayla, I read your first post.
Welcome Relinquished!
Have fun at the WBO

(Aug. 09, 2010  9:42 PM)kayla10 Wrote: [ -> ]Taylor stop now!he can ban you!

Kai-V is a she :T
oh whoops i joined only a day ago
thats wat i thought when i joined
oh ok!you ready to bey battle!
I have 2 things to say.

1: ya didn't answer my question
2: you must be an awsom blader
i got 8 beys i got storm pagsis and rushing boar and dont know the other names of my beys!
I got segittario,capricorn,aquario,wolf,pegesus,aries.
Welcome, welcome to WBO~!
nice beys drago
kayla10, Relinquished, storm L drago : I thought you were supposed to discuss this in private messages instead of SPAMming because nobody else is part of your conversation ? This is an open message board.
ok fine.
welcome to wbo hope you enjoy yourself
(Aug. 09, 2010  9:42 PM)kayla10 Wrote: [ -> ]she can ban you!

EDIT: Beaten one page ago.
Welcome to the WBO!
welcome to WBO, glad that we have more members Grin
Hello and welcome to the WBO
Welcome to WBO! i also have a griffolyon
(Aug. 09, 2010  9:38 PM)Relinquished Wrote: [ -> ]
(Aug. 09, 2010  9:21 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]... And add more content to your posts, you both.

why dont you add more content to your your life!
but seriosly, i dont dont have any more to put and its that simple.

Haha wow not a good idea to say
(Aug. 12, 2010  2:55 AM)Dark Ozuma Wrote: [ -> ]Kai-V is a girl.
... Two other members already said that at least a day before you. Read other posts ...
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