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Full Version: [Pennsylvannia, USA] Any beybladers in Yeadon, Philly, Lansdowne, and Darby?
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Are there any bladers in the Philly, Yeadon, Lansdowne, or Darby area because if you are PM me where you want to met and BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!
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What you mean and how I do it
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Hello Bladers from New Jersey and the Local Area looking for a group to join!

come join the NJ Bladers --------->
I live in Philly, PM me for a battle.
Any bladers in Saint Clair.
Any bladers in Saint Clair.
Hey yall im from philly, pm me if ya wanna battle
This sounds like fun! I might be able to battle but I am like 2 hours away from philly so getting a ride will be dificult.