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Well... If anyone wants to come... Speak.
I have no problem with a tourney in Illinois! Hopefully in Chicago.
Grin finnaly some one replied xD. And it might be in chicago depending if I can find somewhere to have it or not there.
Well it depends what day and time.
i live in illinois! but i dont think my mom would drive me to chicago for a bey tournament Uncertain
I live in Mattoon Illinois and could easily talk to the store owner in town and get space for a tournament, we have plenty of space to play and parking although I just started playing to have something to do with my little brother and know nothing about competative play or builds...
Ok, I want to know evryone who lives in Illinois and get 8 confirmed guest who can come to Chicago for a Beyblade tournament. I will make an event proposal. So if you think you can coem PM me.
i have 3 people to go
Ok so there are 3 confirmed guess plus shadow pegasus is bringing 3 so 6...
2 more people...the location is Cloud Park Chicago..
I would like to go. I live in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.
Illinois yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa crystal lake
I have 2 people who can come to a chicago tournement theyre pretty good to be little
Check out BEY SLAY II tournament in carol stream IL heres the link
I live in Illinois.
i am not confirming, but i depends where it is.
Bey slay is still going strong and continues to be the only tournament in Illinois. if you want to come check the thread out, heres the link.
I live in Chicago (Edison park) If there where a tournament i would try my hardest to come
This is just a finding bladers topic...
anyone planning on making a tournament tommorow's brad day III
I would be interested in joining a local tournament in the Chicago area.
i live in illinois
ditto chicagoland area
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