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Full Version: Back to the Heavy-What would you considert this HMS combi?
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Hey, I was working around with some of my old HMS parts and wanted to know what people thought of this combination.

AR-Seagon Attacker (Sea Dragon)
WD-CWD Free Survivor (Thunder Dragon)
RC-Metal Change Core (Death Gargoyle MS)

I've tested this against Dark Cancer CH120FS and it has stood its own having equal wins thus far, most of them ending up being stadium outs. This is just a curiousity for me at this point.
Why would you test a combination with a Beyblade that is not meant to battle it at all, and that is not particularly good even ?
Easy answers? 1-Thats what I have available at the moment. 2-I was bored and curious. Do I need another reason?
We are trying to get better Customization threads out of our members ... ?
Alright then, I apologize. I will from now on only post with relevant customizations when I have more parts.