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Full Version: I I I Can't get this song out of my head(Taio Cruz-Dynamite)
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I don't know why but I have Taio Cruz's Dynamite in my head and I can't this song out of my head and it's starting to drive me nuts. I find myself surfing on YouTube or the WBO while I'm singing this song. This isn't the first time it's usually these types of techno types of songs that get stuck in my like OMG or In My Head. I need some help ha Are there any others who have similar issues?
People get songs stuck in their heads all the time Chocked It's nothing new or out of the ordinary.

Those songs are catchy and you probably hear them a lot on the radio or w/e...
Well yea songs get stuck in people's heads very often but recently almost every new song has gotten stuck in my head. I think it's the way the make the song it so repetitive but they use a really catchy beat to make you go along with the song.