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Full Version: [Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario] meet- ups?
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I don't know where or when. i made this thread simply to find close by bladers, find a central point eg. park, community center, etc. then to meet up when there is more interest i'll figure out a place and time
Ontaio? Missing an "r" there. Anyways, I live in downtown Toronto, but I have a Metropass and don't mind travelling. It'd be nice to break out from the High Park, Dufferin Grove streak I'm on.
oops i have no idea how to fix that.....
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EDIT: Do you have any rough idea of any meet up locations yet?
Umm i was thinking possibly Pacific Mall since there a few hobby shops there since being outdoors sometimes can be unpleasant but with good weather condition i was thinking a medium sized park i really don't know anything about the parks near me so i can't say exact namesPinching_eyes.
We could meet at PMall, but we're not going to able to actually blade in there.
really but i heard a member saw people blading in a storeprobably that one where people play yugioh and games like that.
Nathan Phillips Square seems like a good location if you don't mind the large amount of people there.
That may have a demonstration by the store. What I mean is we're not going to be able to set up stadiums and stuff there. Mall security would probably kick us out.

Maybe we could convince a store to let us hold a meet in there, but I doubt it.

It's much more practical going to a public space like a park than privately owned property.
true but like i said earlier i dont know anything about parks and such i could look some up but i'd do that tomorrow im starting to fall asleep... Tired zzzzzzzz....
If it's P-Mall i'll try and come Smile
Someone could try asking some of the hobby stores?
I know that Yugioh store your talking about though.
It's a pretty small store, but they have around 3 tables set up.
I suggest someone go ask them, and if they answer yes.
Tell them they should stock up on MFB before the event so
they make profits for letting us in there?
seasons park, john tabor park, agincourt park seem best for me but i can easily extend my range to make it easier for you guys to come
if you guys choose a place pm me
ill come but since ths hread started 2 months ago did it already happen?