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Full Version: >:)>:)>:)Hopper-is it good?
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I am a new user and forumer, so please alert me if i have done anything wrong.

I have conducted tests on the HMS Hopper blade, with and without the spring. I am not fully convinced that I shold take the spring out. In my studies I noticed at times that the blade (without the spring) occasionally went into what i call the "berserk power state". this looks like when the HMS Hopper moves in a square or rhombus pattern and, at each corner, makes a small loop. Even the power of that one metal orange blade(sorry, i 4get what its called) could not stand up to it. but still the original question remains: should i leave in the spring, or take it out?

for all of beyblade science, please help me.
What you're talking about is illegal modification and therefore cheating. Therefore, you can't do this.

And that "one orange blade" is Death Gargoyle MS.
i remember i had some combos that had that square/rhombus looping attack pattern

good fun

also: why try it without spring? Chocked
Most Beyblades can do that movement pattern with correct shooting.
Umm welcome to Beywiki.

Dear lord, beyblade modification, tsk tsk.
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