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Full Version: Alternate/Extra fee for tournaments?
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Before I start, I want to preface that I am not a tournament organizer(at least not yet), and that I don't have experience with this sort of stuff.

I think it would be a good idea for tournament organizers to be able to provide an extra fee for prizing and general management.

Currently the WBO doesn't allow organizers to make money off of their tournaments through the venue fee, and that organizers aren't able to make money off of their tournaments(or at least it's heavily implied, not outright stated as far as I can tell), which is why this might be considered it's own separate fee. I don't think this extra fee would be used for organizers to make money off of their tournaments, only to manage and grow them.

I'll go over some specific use cases below.
  • Funding larger prizes to incentivize people to come to tournaments
  • Funding Stadium replacements/damaged parts or new stadiums entirely to suit more people
  • Funding Possible¬†Tournament Advertisements
As I'm not an organizer at the moment, this is as far as I can go with the list, but I'm sure there are potentially more options.

I feel that this would especially be helpful in low income/small communities where it might be hard to get your hands on stadiums, new beys, etc.
There is one organizer we know of who does not post his events on WBO, as his understanding is that he cannot charge a fee if he is not paying a venue fee (he hosts outside at a park). But, he does provide all stadiums, lends out parts if someone has one break, provides prizes, etc. So he charges a $5 fee. I charge a $5 venue fee, and it has only been recently that the fee has actually been covering the cost of the venue I use; but weather here is unpredictable and too hot for me LOL so I'll continue to use an indoor venue. I've had stadiums break over time and use, and I like to be able to provide prizes, and if I can't get one of the Bey sites to donate some gift cards, that comes out of pocket. I don't want to make a bunch of money off the tournaments, and I don't want to get in any trouble for charging a higher fee - Nein brings up a good question here, for sure, as I do feel it's implied in the organizer rules that you can't charge more than the venue fee.