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Full Version: Dragoon msuv WHITE
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I buy a Dragoon msuv AR and WD or the entire beyblade,but it must be white with Bit protector!!!
Please someone sell me it
We are only the twentieth ... You do not have to "bump" your topic.
anyone can help me?

I offer Dragoon F(good condition),Spin Dragoon(excellent),AR Driger f(good),Wing defenser(No stickers).
Not trying to hinder you but all those things are bad/not useful apart from the driger s AR.
I'm quite sure he's offering a Driger F AR.
Yes,but if anyone is interesting I offer money and parts.
I'm disposed to offer 50$ if it is in vey good condition.
I'm disposed to offer 60$ if is in new conditions
I really like the look of Dragoon MSUVWink
Yes, but anyone have a dragoon MS UV to sell????
Due to the rarity of Dragoon MS UV and the fact that production of HMS beyblade have ceased you'll need to be prepared to pay upwards of $80+ for a NIB Dragoon MS UV.
Yes,but first I want anyone who sell it XD
I buy It used or new
Don t be esagerate.
I payed 45 euro for mine (included shipping)
And BrokWine payed 60 USD for dragoon msuv+ dragoon ms+shipping , yes he was very luck.
.i have a dragoon msuv w/launcher no ripcord.and it has the dranzer hms rc.but i want to trade.i cant sell because i dnt have a paypal account.
Most people are ONLY looking for the RC :V
I'm interested to dragoon ms uv with dranzer rc.
Because I've the rc of dragoon ms.
Please post picture
In that case i have the BP/AR of Dragoon MSUV

he has one for 80.00 AU.

EDIT: Sorry I thought u were looking fo dragoon ms nt msuv.
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