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[Image: ninja-gaiden-2-small.jpg]

Yes, I am admittedly a fanboy.

But anyway, I had to make this topic because the game is so kick carp.

The visuals are slick, the game play and controls are better than ever and the difficulty is perfect. Its challenging without being overly frustrating.

I have awful memories from the first Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox. I got so frustrated at a certain part of which I can't remember right now, that I seriously threw my controller at the wall and broke it. I was a little wary going into Ninja Gaiden II because I was expecting the same carp kicking difficulty, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn't the case.

However, I am playing on Path of the Acolyte (Easy) difficulty, so I'm sure that probably helps. Although, the game is still incredibly challenging and for anyone who has never played an action game in this vein before (God of War, Heavenly Sword, etc.) it could easily frustrate you even on Acolyte. But that's what I love about the game -- it isn't a cakewalk and its not infuriatingly difficult either. Its just enough to keep you interested and motivated to keep playing. Some of the bosses, however, feel really cheap and overpowered, but that's typical of the series I guess. One boss in particular that I won't spoil for anyone WILL kill you if you aren't prepared for its "surprise" attack at the end of the battle. So to put it simply, this game is not for pansies. This is a hardcore game in every sense of the word.

For as much as the reviewers bitched about the camera I'm not finding it to be all that difficult to manage. It does get a little old having to re-center the camera so often, but its nothing that really breaks the experience or makes the game not worth playing.

The subtle, but much appreciated additions to the combat system really change the flow of the game. Whereas in NG1 you could plow through enemies with reckless abandon you now really have to pay attention because dismembered enemies are a PAIN. Particularly the ninjas who suicide bomb you because the bombings take a massive chunk of your life gauge. Obliterations (new finishing moves that can only be executed on enemies who have lost a limb by pressing Y) are carp sweet. They are completely over the top in their gore but are also very visceral.

So yeah, I'll quit gushing now and simply say that if you are looking for a carp balls to the wall action game to play this summer, or are just looking for the next big 360 exclusive, Ninja Gaiden II is it. Its a shame that this will likely be the last game in the series outside of ports and rehashes.

There is a demo (FINALLY) up on Xbox Live for anyone who's interested in trying the game out before buying it.

So yeah... DISCUSS.
doesn't look any different from ninja gaiden 1, but i still want to check it out.
just finished the demo..

carp badass game

BUT, i'm wondering if i should buy the first one before buying it,
is it outdated ?
Guitar_Legend Wrote:just finished the demo..

carp badass game

BUT, i'm wondering if i should buy the first one before buying it,
is it outdated ?

Don't bother with the first one, the second one is way better.

And way more forgiving.
once i get my ps3 and get some money after mgs4 i think i'll pick sigma and this up
^is on ps3,i thought it was exclusive Confused
Ninja Gaiden Sigma is on PS3, which is just a remake of Ninja Gaiden 1.

Also, way to revive a dead thread with a useless post.