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Full Version: East Coast Cup MFB 4D #1: Entering the 4th Dimension
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Mystery Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!

6 April 2024

Arrival Time: 
The event will start at 12PM so please try to arrive around 15 minutes early.

Meet at Shelter 1 at Isabella Cannon Park (2601 Kilgore Ave) in Raleigh NC.

Items to Bring:
3 official Beyblade MFB Beys
At least 1 official Beyblade MFB launcher
A stadium to practice/free play in

Tournament Info:
This tournament will be played in Deck Format. Matches will be held in a summit stadium for round 1 and a BB-10 Stadium for finals.

Other important info:
Please be kind, responsible, and respectful! Beyblade is a game that is meant to be fun and bring people together, so please refrain from displaying poor sportsmanship, cheating, etc. Anyone caught cheating or displaying negative behavior will be asked to leave. Additionally, this tournament is for ALL AGES! We encourage bladers both young and old to participate and join in the fun. Thank you for your cooperation and hope to see you there!

Contact Info:
You can message me here on the WBO with any questions you may have. Please check the night before the tournament as I will inform all registered participants of any unforeseen changes.
This event has been approved.
(Mar. 16, 2024  4:00 PM)Trsal Wrote: [ -> ]This event has been approved.

I changed the burst stadium to summit in the description if that’s ok
So this is crazy and I just like to spin tops, but here’s my Beyblade so call me maybe.
First Stage:

Results Spreadsheet:
Note: Tournament changed to unranked due to lack of participation
This matches for event have now been processed.