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Full Version: Metal Faces
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I'm looking for Metal Faces, they can be used but they need to come in the full set or I need a lower price. I know I can just get them off dimsum2u but I wanna have them in my hand in a actual meet up. My max amount for the Metal Faces are $8. The Metal Faces I'm looking for are the originals but I don't mind if they're the recoloured versions. Please PM for any offers I will negotiate with you thanks for your time. Smile
Wass there a reason for starting two threads?
(Jul. 18, 2010  7:32 AM)Daegor42 Wrote: [ -> ]Wass there a reason for starting two threads?

Yea messed up I edited the other thread, I thought my computer was lagging and I got a blank screen so I thought it didn't post.
Bump again I'll close it after 5 days no one seems to wants to respond
Changed what I'm looking for. Smile
Original, recolours, or remodeling?
Originals, any colour I should edit that thanks Daegor.
ima sell one to us but it will be like 10
(Aug. 23, 2010  7:19 AM)bskulldragon100 Wrote: [ -> ]ima sell one to us but it will be like 10

I doubt he would want it at that price, since he can just get them from dimsum2u for cheaper.

(Jul. 18, 2010  7:32 AM)GeneralHawx Wrote: [ -> ]My max amount for the Metal Faces are $8.
I can negotiate like I said but like Daegor said it's a little unreasonable when I can just get it from elsewhere

EDIT: When you mean one how many the whole set or a single Face?
yea bro i know its bad but i dont think he has an ebay account so yea
Who are you talking about? If its dimsum2u, he does have an ebay account, but you can just order from here for cheaper.