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Full Version: Evil Cinder Sandwich
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Check-in, Registration, & Event Details

Tournament Check-in Details
  • Check-in begins at 10:00 A.M. and ends at 10:45 A.M.
  • Announcements & rule overview will start at 10:50 A.M. We will begin the tournament no later than 11:00 A.M.
  • Please be kind, responsible, and respectful! Beyblade is a game that is meant to be fun and bring people together, so please refrain from displaying poor sportsmanship, cheating, etc. Anyone caught cheating or displaying negative behavior will be asked to leave. Additionally, this tournament is for ALL AGES! We encourage bladers both young and old to participate and join in the fun. Thank you for your cooperation and hope to see you there!
  • See more details under "Need-to-Know Information" below.

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Please be advised that this tournament will make use of the following Ranked Clauses in addition to, or in place of, rules listed in the Format Rulebook:

Play Area
  • The Play Area is the area of stadium floor and space above it, bounded by stadium walls and exits (gaps in these walls through which Beyblades can pass into a pocket or out of the stadium entirely).
Launch Area
  • Beyblades must be launched inside the Launch Area
  • The Launch Area is the area of stadium floor bounded by the stadium walls and exits, or in the case of stadiums with shroud components the stadium floor directly below and bounded by the shroud’s top opening.
  • In stadiums with entry ramp structures which slope towards the central Play Area (such as the Beystadium Triple Battle Type), these are also considered Launch Areas.
  • A Beyblade is knocked-out when the majority of the Beyblade  is outside of the Play Area.

Banlist Variation: High LAD Driver Ban
  • The following Drivers may not be used in this tournament: Drift, Metal Drift, Bearing Drift, Metal Bearing Drift, Zone Chip (Hasbro & TT), Moment’, Drift-SP, +Drift Armor Tip
Banlist Variation: HyperSphere Ban
  • The following Drivers may not be used in this tournament: All Hypersphere Drivers
Banlist Variation: Dragoon Layer Unban
  • The following Layers may also be used in this tournament: Dragoon Storm (Hasbro & TT), Dragoon Fighter, Dragoon Fantom, Fang Dragoon F
Win Condition Point Values
In First Stage and final stage, you score point(s) when:
  • The opposing Beyblade stops spinning (1 Point)
  • The opposing Beyblade exits the BeyStadium (1 Point)
  • The opposing Beyblade bursts (1 Point)
  • The opposing Beyblade separates (1 Points)

Challonge Tournament Bracket

[Image: bRO7nah.png]

As always, during the tournament while we cannot give you a set time for when your next match will take place, you are welcome to follow along with the tournament bracket on Challonge. Challonge is the management tool we use to run the event.

[Image: IMG-1075.jpg]

For this event, all matches will be played in the Shin TA reproduction stadium.
This event has been approved.
One drac a day
(Feb. 13, 2024  4:14 AM)Bladerdoc Wrote: [ -> ]THE NAME 💀

ENS 🦅🦅
(Feb. 13, 2024  6:09 AM)Cindercast Wrote: [ -> ]One drac a day

[Image: 4249998-E-6-E88-48-E0-94-AC-4402-C622-DEFA.jpg]
Good morning all! Hope everyone is doing well and having a great morning so far. We will be meeting under shelter #1 today. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
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