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Full Version: How to ship Rare Bey Get Battle items.
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I lucked out and won a very through the app. Can anyone please give me instructions on how to get it shipped to the US?

I know I have to go through a third party shipper but I've never used one before.

Thanks in Advance.
Got setup on Tensor. Can't get payment to go through. Is there a proxy or web based prepaid card y'all are using to ship on TT mall?
Hi! I recommend using Buyee, that's how I ordered mine. After setting up your Buyee account, just go here to request purchase from another site: . Enter the link to the Rare Bey on TTmall, the name of the item, the quantity, and the price (it's all optional except for the link and quantity, but I like to add them anyways) and then put the code you won in the "Other Special Notes" section.

Once Buyee confirms the purchase with your code and buys it for you, you'll be charged through Buyee for the purchase. Eventually, when the rare bey arrives at Buyee, you'll be notified and you'll just pay for the package to be shipped over to your address.