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Full Version: Bury Burst-Off 4: Back for more!
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We're back in Bury for another ranked event!

This will be a ranked event played by the Burst Format rules so please be sure to familiarise yourself with this format via the rule book, Burst Format Rulebook

The first stage will be played in the 3on3 format. The final stage will be played in the Deck format. For clarification refer to Match Type Guide

There is a £5 admission fee. This will go to using Geek Retreat's space.

This event will have a cap of 11 participants and will take place in the B-33 Standard Stadium.


The tournament will start at 12:00pm, so as a guide, aim to arrive around 11:30am.

Remember to turn up on time. If you arrive later than the scheduled start time, your place will be forfeit and you will not be able to participate. If you know you'll be late, please let us know via PM or a post in this thread!

Please note that we cannot predict how long an event will be, as this varies based on the number of competitors and the ongoings throughout the day. In order to stay for the whole event, please be prepared to stick around for at least 3-4 hours.

Geek Retreat is located in Bury town centre. Here is a link to their location on google maps. 

Geek Retreat will award prizes to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. 
1st: £20 gift card for Geek Retreat Bury
2nd: £10 gift card for Geek Retreat Bury
3rd: £5 gift card for Geek Retreat Bury

Hosts & Judges
This tournament is being hosted by Magico, and matches will be supported by volunteer judges Lee Climo BK, ryun_stark & r0blivion throughout the event. If you have any queries about the event, feel free to PM us or post in the thread and we'll be happy to help!

Important Advice
Despite being around friends and rivals, please remember we are in a public space. Remember to not only be respectful to other participants, but also the staff and other customers in the store.

I would highly suggest joining the discord server (and the UK channel) as that is where many UK bladers are active and can be found, and it exists as an easy form of contact. Discord

Spread the word
Are you as excited about the event as we are? If so, be sure to tell your friends about it! And if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

Twitter: @worldbeyblade

Facebook: WorldBeybladeOrganization

Spread the word!

This event has been approved.
(Feb. 08, 2024  8:36 PM)Beyblader101_ Wrote: [ -> ]This event has been approved.

Speedy as always, thank you very much! Grin
Can we bring X beys for casual play on the side?
(Feb. 19, 2024  5:22 AM)NeoWire Wrote: [ -> ]Can we bring X beys for casual play on the side?

Absolutely Smile There is usually a DB, X & Decagon stadium available for free play.
If there is anything else you'd like to know please reach out Grin
Is this run by the Blade Knights ?

I have seen the logo, answered my own question!
Gündelik oyun için X beyleri de getirebilir miyiz?
(Mar. 01, 2024  11:09 PM)gezilinki Wrote: [ -> ]Gündelik oyun için X beyleri de getirebilir miyiz?

Evet, x stadyum sıradan oyunlara açık olacak
Third place result:
r0blivion 5 - First_Aid 3

Tournament results submission:

Pre-processing complete.
This matches for event have now been processed.