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Full Version: Fun play format for X ("Dynamic Deck")
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Hey everyone, just thought I'd share a fun play format that my friend and I came up with for X. I've been calling it the "dynamic deck format", but really you could call it whatever you want. My main goal was to make casual one on one play a bit more engaging, and to utilize the customization more actively during the game.

To start, each player makes a deck of five blades, five ratchets, and five bits. You can have one repeat of any given part. Ideally, your deck will remain hidden, although you can choose to have each player reveal their parts before the match. Other house rules, such as stadium flipping in between rounds, can be decided at this point as well. 

1. Each player constructs a combo in secret with any of the given parts in their deck. Once both players are finished, they will reveal their combos at the same time and begin the first battle.
2. Every battle is one round, and no regard is taken to how the battle ends - a win is a win and a loss is a loss, regardless if it's an xtreme finish or an outspin.
3. The winner of the battle must keep their current combination and use it in the next round. The loser must choose any one part of their combo to eliminate from their deck entirely. Once that is done, they must construct a new combo to bring into the next round. This combo can include the remaining parts from the previous losing combo.
4. The game will continue in this cycle until one player is unable to construct a full combo, making them the loser.

This has been a pretty fun way to play - it can get really intense as the game goes on and the decision making becomes more involved as your deck gets whittled down. You can play fairly loose in the beginning, but as you run out of options the choice of what parts to eliminate can have really big consequences, and you have to get creative in order to counter your opponent's combo with limited parts. Let me know what you think, give it a try if you have some time! I'm definitely open to hear how the rules could be changed around.