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Full Version: Portal0 saying their beys are 100% real even with known midfake codes
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I sent an email to Portal0 to which they told me to go to their Instagram. I was talking back and forth with one of their representatives. As the convo went on, they started getting kinda frustrated. They then claimed that the manufac date A0813 does not mean fake. They then said that they sold a Twisted Tempo that was 100% real and it had that code on it. 

They then said that it is a common misconception that people believe these codes are manufac dates. These codes are "batch numbers" since TT used to outsource to China and these codes create batch systems to limit overuse of plastic and metal. No idea what that means. Seems very suspicious. I then said I would buy one to see if it was real to which they said they were going to deny my sale to protect themselves. Anyone else have issues with Portal 0 and their legitimacy? Because what they are saying means that that whole list of Original Codes is meaningless over on the Beyblade reddit. I just really want a Takara Tomy Diablo and they seem to be the only ones that have one in stock.