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Full Version: Project: LIMBO - Event 1: Isolation
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Welcome to Project: LIMBO.
Project: LIMBO was created to make a new format, temporarily dubbed Metal Fight Limbo.
Metal Fight Limbo is a format for parts that were unusable in Metal Fight Limited.
It uses the following banlist:
From basic testing, the following combos were standouts:
Storm low RF
Storm low B
Storm low HF/S (S mode)
Ray low RSF
Ray low HF
Ray BD
Meteo L-Drago Rush low RF
Sol low CS
Sol BD
Grand low CS
Dark low WD
Dark low RSF/CS

Format: MFLmb Deck
Prizing: TBD
Stadium: Summit
Participant Cap 24
This event has been approved.
Prizing for the event has been confirmed! We will have a prize pool, with the event winner getting first choice over what prize they get.
The prize pool is as follows:
WyvernGale 3-60T courtesy of
Midfake Storm Pegasis 105RF NIB
Archer Gargoyle SA165WSF
Gladiator Bahamoote SP230GF
(bumping to front page)
This matches for event have now been processed.