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Full Version: Winning Combinations at WBO Organized Events - Metal Fight Limited (MFL)
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This thread is for Metal Fight Limited combinations used by the top three winners at WBO Organized Play events only.

To post combos on this thread, you must either be
  • The organizer(s) for the event
  • Own at least a Gold, Silver or Bronze Bit
Posting winning combos in this thread while not meeting any of the criteria above may result in warnings.

Discussion of winning combos is allowed by everyone else.

In your post, please state the
  1. Tournament name
  2. Either tournament information (e.g. rank status, match type, format etc.) OR tournament link
  3. Winning combos for top 3 winners
  4. Photos & videos, optionally. Make your post lively with media and font changes!
  5. Other relevant information
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NC Project Red Metal #2: Running in Circles (Summit Stadium Event)
Rockwell, North Carolina (01/20/2024)
Metal Fight Limited Format (Unranked 7 person club format round robin, first to three deck format)
Ranked clauses in use:
  1. Gravity ban
  2. Libra ban
  3. SP230 unban
1st place: (5 wins, 1 loss)
MF-M Earth Cancer 230CS
MF-L Bakushin Leone 85MF
Grand Lacerta D125WF

2nd place: (5 wins, 1 loss)
MF-L Earth Pegasus II 90EWD
MF Meteo L-Drago LW105W2D
Storm Pegasus 105RF

3rd place: (4 wins, 2 losses)
MF Meteo L-Drago LW105W2D

Shoutout to North Carolina weather, going from 65 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny one weekend to 25 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy the next! Rubber flats just did not work because of how cold it was (some of us learned the hard way 😅). Also, sorry for the lack of a top three photo... it was way too cold and windy when we finished this one haha.
Tuckwolf’s Twisted Tempo
Kirkland, WA - 27 January 2024

1st Place: Neo
Sol MF - Meteo L-Drago LW105 EWD
MF - Wolf 85 RF
Virgo B:D
Gravity Perseus F230 CF
MF - Cosmic Capricorn R145 R2F
Bakushin Leone 90 MF
Flame Geminos 230 CS

2nd Place: bladee
MF - Beat (Hasbro) Lynx C145 RF
Divine Cetus 105 XF
Libra 100 RSF

3rd Place: Mejdouli
Bakushin Susanoo S130 WF
Meteo L-Drago II LW105 MB
[Image: VFvvJ01z4gbm2Qayx0UzEa8W-qyk7iSFwdFV3wZU...MFMw0t-Ku0]
[Image: PXL_20240128_015655336.MP.jpg?ex=65df998...4309e82fb&]

Beys In The Bay #19: The Future Is Now (Summit Stadium Test Event)

Dark Knight Balro 90RF
MF Earth Ketos 100RSF
MF-L Bakushin Leone 85MF
Thermal Gemios 105WF

Meteo L-Drago II LW105W²D
Bakushin Leone 85MF
Earth Aquario 100RSF
Lightning L-Drago 90RF
Screw Susanow W105RF
Flame Cygnus 230CS

MF Vulcan Aquila CH120RF
Meteo L-Drago II LW105W²D
Flame Sagittario II 230CS

MF-H Pegasis R145R²F
MF Earth Libra 90RF
MF-F Flame Cancer 230CS
NC Project Red Metal #3: Careful What You Wish For (Summit Stadium Event)
Rockwell, North Carolina (02/17/2024)
Metal Fight Limited Format (Unranked 5 person club format round robin, first to three deck format)

Group photo:
[Image: IMG-2321.jpg]

1st place:
MF Meteo L-Drago II (Absorb) LW105W2D
MF-L Bakushin Leone 85MF
MF-H Lightning L-Drago H145RF

Thank you to everyone who showed up! The entire unedited tournament can be found here:
Gen 3 Anything Goes
Sunday, 03.17.2024 - Lakewood, California

1st - JefftheWizard
MF-H Gravity Perseus (Stamina) CH120RF
MSF-H Dark Knight Wyvang H145R2F
MF-L Meteo L-DragoII (Absorb) LW105EWD

2nd - Shindog
MF-H Earth Kerbecs 90RSF (Final Stage Only)
MF-H Hell Cygnus 230MF (Final Stage Only)
MF-H Omega Horuseus 90R2F (Final Stage Only)
Hell Kerbecs 230MF
MF Hell Kerbeus H145RSF
MF-H Omega Horuseus 90RF
MF-L HasScythe Cygnus B: D
MF-H HasScythe Lacerta CH120RF

3rd - PhoenixHaven
MF-L HasScythe Cygnus B: D
Hell Cancer 230CS
Meteo L-DragoII (Absorb) LW105W2D
Gravity Perseus (Stamina) CH120MF
Gravity Perseus (Defense) 90LRF
Limited Time Brawl
Orlando Florida

MF-H Flame Bull 230 MB
Meteo L-Drago DF105 WD
Screw Aquario UW145 MF

MF-H Gravity Perseus Ch120 RF
Bakushin Leone 100 MF
MF Virgo B: D

Flame Gemios 230 CS
MF-L Screw Unicorno 2 CH120 RF
Meteo L-Drago DF105 W2D
Decksperience MFL with Team Celestial
Google Spreadsheet
Prelims Challonge
Finals Challonge

Winners and Winning Combos:
1st Place: PegasusOrhan
Thermal Pegasis I W105 WF
Meteo L-Drago Absorb 100 W2D
Horuseus Earth Anubis B:D

2nd Place: Tuckwolf
MF-H Libra 90 RSF
MF-L Meteo L-Drago Absorb LW105 W2D
MF-H Pegasus CH120 R2F

3rd Place: Neo
MF Wolf A230 RF
Flame Cetus 230 CS
Virgo B:D

Sol-MF Meteo L-Drago Absorb LW105 EWD
MF Pegasis CH120 RF
MF-H (Hasbro)Blitz Unicorno II  SW145 RSF
MF Libra 100 CS
Bakushin  Leone I 90 MF
East Coast Cup MFL #1: Ready Blader One
Rockwell, North Carolina (04/13/2024)
Metal Fight Limited Format (Unranked 6 person club format round robin, first to three deck format)

Top four photo:
[Image: IMG-2706.jpg]

1st place:
MF-H Pegasus R145RF
Burn Leone SR200CS
Lightning L-Drago 100HF
Salvation of the Sniper Saga
Passaic, New Jersey (04/14/2024)
MFL Format (Unranked 5 person club format round robin Deck Format)

1st Place Bladerdoc:
MF-L Meteo Ldrago DF105 WD (Both Stages)
MF Rock Cygnus 85 RF (Both Stages)
MF-H Screw Aries CH120 LRF (Both Stages)

2nd Place Armor:
MF Meteo Ldrago DF105 W2D (Both Stages)
Rock Sagittario 90 RSF (Both Stages)
MF-H Lightning Ldrago 100 RF (Both Stages)
Flame Phoenix TH170 CS (Both Stages)
Screw Aries 105 R2F (Both Stages)
Toronto, ON, Canada - MFL Format - Ranked (First Stage 1on1, Final Stage Deck)

  • MF-H Screw Susanow CH120RF
  • MF-F Meteo L-Drago LW105EWD (Finals Only)
  • Flame Cancer 230CS (Finals Only)
  • MSF-H Dark Knight Girago R145RSF (Finals Only)
  • MF-H Gravity Perseus (Stamina) CH120MF
  • MF-H Libra TH170D
  • MF-L Meteo L-Drago 85EWD
3rd: Dan
  • MF-L Gravity Perseus F230GCF
  • MF-H Lightning L-Drago 90LRF (Finals Only)
  • MF Meteo L-Drago LW105EWD (Finals Only)
  • Flame Cancer 230CS (Finals Only)
  • MF-H Fang Gil CH120R2F (Finals Only)
  • MF-H Libra 85RF (Finals Only)

Top 3 ft. rubber debris (Click to View)