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Full Version: Winning Combinations at WBO Organized Events - Burst GT (BGT)
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This thread is for Burst GT combinations used by the top three winners at WBO Organized Play events only.

To post combos on this thread, you must either be
  • The organizer(s) for the event
  • Own at least a Gold, Silver or Bronze Bit
Posting winning combos in this thread while not meeting any of the criteria above may result in warnings.

Discussion of winning combos is allowed by everyone else.

In your post, please state the
  1. Tournament name
  2. Either tournament information (e.g. rank status, match type, format etc.) OR tournament link
  3. Winning combos for top 3 winners
  4. Photos & videos, optionally. Make your post lively with media and font changes!
  5. Other relevant information
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Ranked GT P3C1 
Deck Finals
[Image: IMG-4562.jpg]
1st Place: Jeremi
Lord Spriggan Around Metal Drift
Tact Fanir Around Drift Sou
Master Longinus Vanguard HXt+'
Naked Diabolos Paradox Drift
Judgement Joker Vanguard Mobius Sen

2nd Place: Wizard.Spryzen
Wizard Spryzen 00Cross HXt+' Retsu
Naked Diabolos Paradox Zeal
Driger V2 Tapered-Q BDr
Driger V2 Tapered-Q HXt+'
Judgement Odin 0Expand Xceed'+Z Sen
Wizard Diabolos Vanguard Metal Drift
Judgement Odin Blitz Destroy' Sen

3rd Place: BeybladeGalaxy5
Tact Devolos 2 Sting Zeal Retsu
Lord Spriggan Around Br'
Imperial Odax 0Expand Evolution'

4th Place: BladimationZ
Lord Spriggan (Left) Vanguard Br'
Lord Dragon 2 Vanguard Br'
Zwei Devolos Blitz Destroy'
Master Longinus 0Proof Metal Never

Ranked GT P3C1
Deck Finals
1st Place: Wizard.Spryzen
Wizard Spryzen Vanguard Metal Drift Retsu
Driger V2 Tapered-Q HXt+'
Naked Diabolos Paradox BDr
Master Spryzen Around BDr
Heaven Dragon 2 00Cross Drift Retsu
Judgement Odin Blitz Destroy' Sen
Naked Diabolos Paradox Xplosion

2nd Place: Jeremi
Tact Fafnir Around Drift Sou
Driger V2 Tapered-Q Metal Drift
Venom Achilles Convert High Charge' Gou
Judgement Joker Vanguard Mobius Sen

3rd Place: Lilace
Imperial Dragon 2 0Expand Hold'
Perfect Phoenix Ratchet Rise
Master Spriggan 0Proof Metal Never

4th Place: BladimationZ
Lord Dragon 2 Vanguard Br'
Zwei Devolos Blitz Destroy'
Master Longinus 0Proof Metal Never
Tact Spriggan Sting Zeal Sou
Can It Beat Goku? The Strongest Weight of the Modern Era!
Rockwell, North Carolina (03/09/2024)
Burst GT Format (Unranked club format in the Ali-10 w/ no Drift & repeat layer weights legal)

Top three photo:
[Image: IMG-2480.jpg]

Group photo:
[Image: IMG-2501.jpg]

1st place:
Judgement Pegasus 0Expand Quick' Goku
Cosmo Hydra Vanguard Zone'+Z (Hasbro) Goku
Lord Longinus Convert Charge (worn)
Orlando Burst GT 04 06 2024

[Image: IMG_1972.jpg?ex=662d652d&is=661af02d&hm=...bba9fac3&=]

Cosmo Achilles 0 Expand Drift Zan
Master Diabolos 2 Hasbro Wheel Zone'Z
Judgement Diabolos Sting Extreme'

Master Bahamut Around Bearing
Tact Longinus 0 Zeal Goku
Zwei Diabolos Sting Extreme'

Command Spriggan Around Destroy'
Lord Bahamut Vanguard Moment
Poison Hydra 7 Wall Atomic' Goku

[Image: IMG_1975.jpg?ex=662d6572&is=661af072&hm=...87205c60&=]