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Full Version: 3-D PRINTED BITS
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3-D printed bits. Due to the aggressive nature of the battles in beyblade x, I believe replacement bits should be made legal. Of course there would need to be parameters regarding material, print quality, etc. However, I think this could save bladers tons of money and add an extra layer of customization in terms of color. What do all of you think?
I think the issue comes from 2 sides:

First, beyblades are sold to make money, so the rules likely won't change to allow something that would support them not making as much money (I am trying to find a way to get a Rush bit for less than $30 for instance, if I could just print another thay would be $30 of profit retailers wouldn't be generating).

Second making your own bits makes it almost impossible for judges to ensure a fair match. Someone could easily put a core of lead inside a 3d print to make their bey heavier, or adjust the burst resistance by widening the bit so it fits tighter into the ratchet, or change the angle on Needle's point, or use a harder or softer material to change how the bit reacted in the stadium, etc... there's so much that could be tweaked to give an unfair advantage to someone with access to a printer and the know-how to make adjustments.