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Full Version: Burst or astral?
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Basically what the subject is. I have a dual spin spin spriggan2 whose BU lock interacts with a Moon disc and a Mobius driver. For the purposes of spin stealing which is better, burst or astral? What do each of the blades excel in? Or is there some secret 3rd option like super-king R?
for opposite spin equalization I would use World over either of them, but Burst over Astral
For Spin Equalization (aka spin steal), I tend to agree World combos are more useful.

Between Burst and Astral, I think Astral works better in Deck and Burst works better in 3on3. Burst had general all around performance against most opposite spin, while Astral might do better in a more specific matchup.
while both burst and astral are good layers I mainly use astral in left spin (idk if the right side has spin steal)
In my testing, Burst is superior to Astral in most scenarios. I generally prefer Burst Drift combos to World Drift combos, simply because Burst Drift does do better in P3C1. It is way better in Same-Spin matchups than World, and generally beats it in the left mirror. It also doesn’t usually burst to Guilty, where World is a much higher risk to do so. That being said, it really depends on the combo, tuning, part-wear, launch and matchup. There’s also luck, since it’s Beyblade and that is always going to be a factor. I would just make some combos up and test them if you have the parts. If not, either set is a great buy.

If you’re using Mobius, I actually like Astral better. It generally does better on taller drivers like that. Moon might be subpar for that combo though, I’d probably use Spread’ or Over if you don’t have Spread’