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Full Version: Crashing Aces I - EVENT CANCELLED
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We're hosting a monthly WBO tournament series with Aces and Eagles! The first Sunday of each month we will host a WBO Ranked tournament and several extras in a rotating selection

This month, we're featuring the Beyblade Burst format, with a by-popular-demand Beyblade X tournament to round out the day. 

Please be advised that this tournament will make use of the following Ranked Clauses in addition to, or in place of, rules listed in the Format Rulebook:

Banlist Variation: Bearing Drift, Metal Bearing Drift Ban
  • The following Drivers may not be used in this tournament: Bearing Drift, Metal Bearing Drift
Main Event:
Format: Burst
Match Type: 1 on 1 
Ranked Clauses: Bearing Drift, Metal Bearing Drift Ban

Additional Events:
2:00pm -- Tournament 101 & Player Meeting
We'll review tournament rules and procedures for the WBO and how to play both Burst and Beyblade X tournaments. 

2:30pm -- Burst (Hasbro Only)
To get started, lets play a 1 on 1 Hasbro Only tournament. Pro Series and Takara Tomy parts are not legal for this tournament. 

5:30 PM -- Beyblade X Random Loaner
Join in for absolute chaos in the next generation! You may provide your own Beyblade X bey or be randomly assigned a combo each round. Loaners and Launchers provided at no cost. 

Additional Information:
  • We are a "Party" for Aces and Eagles. You get 20% off any additional food and drink while at the venue!
  • The Venue has a full free to play arcade. Please make sure to remain in the tournament area between matches to ensure a swift match. 
  • Parking is EXTREMELY LIMITED. Please carpool if possible. 
This event has been approved.
This matches for event have now been processed.