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Full Version: General Speculation: How would they make a Jumping bey in Beyblade X?
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So every beyblade generation has had the "Jumping Beyblade." A beyblade that's main goal/purpose is to dart about the stadium sporadically to attempt to get.. SOMETHING done. I have always loved the beyblades that bounce about in the stadium all crazy-like. Do they win? not really, no. but are they FUN? yes.

The Plastic gen had gems like Jumping Base, Cyber Dragoon, and Trygle, which mostly used springs to do their gimmicks and didn't jump about TOO much.

Metal Fight had only one beyblade with the jumping gimmick, but it was always the best for jumps. Storm Capricorn used the M145 spin track which let it's performance tip, Quake, a flat tip with piece of it sliced off, be placed off to the side of the beyblade, causing extreme levels of bouncing if you knew what you were doing. There's also that one gimmicky Hasbro beyblade, the Pegasus Jumper, which functioned a lot like Trygle.

Beyblade Burst had the most in terms of Jumping. You have Mad Minoboros with the Quake Driver which allowed it to bounce about in the stadium, you had Hell Salamander with the Operate Driver essentially being Bursts answer to M145, as well as Savior Valkyrie with the Shot Driver, which used Springs. There's also Hollow Deathscyther, if you count it, that has an extremely unbalanced layer, giving it some crazy movement.

my question now is, how would they make the jumping gimmick work for Beyblade X?